Jalan2 Cari Makan - Kueh Nik Yae

The most authentic and worth-buying Kelantanese traditional cakes/sweets or " kuih " is Nik Yam's
( pronounce : " Nik Y
ae " ) at Jalan Kelocor ( somewhere very close to the famous Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah )
in Kota Bharu.

jalan kelocorsmall lanenik yae's house
~Look for Jalan Kelocor, and just 20 mtrs from this signboard~

Unlike any other Kelantanese "kuih maker" whom you often found at " pasar malam " or even by the roadsides, the " kuih "s here is obviously made for the sake of quality and customers' satisfaction ! . Nik Yam's kuihs are indeed praiseworthy.

~ enter the compound & you'll then notice this pastry kitchen ~

She makes, among the famous, the " Royal Murtabak " ( only available if booked earlier ), Akok, Jala Mas, Tahi Itik ( or politely known as Putih Telur ), Buah Tanjung, Che Mek ( similar to the usual Nekbak but smaller and harder by texture, Nik Yam's innovation? ), Pauh Selayae and Piyana to name some, and she even caters for the Istana Kelantan's royal banquets and orders from the local government.

~ this is an RM 5 set Akok ie 3 for RM 1 ~

If you come to Kelantan and want to bring back something of Kelantanese which are really worth bringing home, try go and search for Nik Yam's - but note that, she only sells them from her house, limited and mostly made to order.


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  1. spideress Says:

    Hey I love Buah Tanjung & Che Mek at least i know where to get them when in kelantan

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