Sabak Beach

Covering the coastline from Kuala Pak Amat to Pantai Dasar Sabak, Sabak Beach has its own historical significance. It was here that the Japanese soldiers first landed on Malaya soil during World War II. It happened on the historic night of December 8, 1941, at 12.25 a.m. when the Japanese landed on an islet at the mouth of the Sungai Pangkalan Chepa (Kuala Pak Amat).

Experience the calm and serene surroundings, with soothing ocean breeze and a lovely stretch of golden sandy beach. Its astounding scenery and a magnificent landscape form a picturesque backdrop, making it a suitable place to seek a little piece of mind.

A pillbox made of concrete cement, which once accommodated nine to twelve Punjabi soldiers from India, and acted as a barricade during the World War II, once stood near the coast. But this witness of the events that took place in history have been destroyed by the erosion of the sea in recent years.
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