Elephant Cemetery and Gua Pintu

The Elephant Cemetery is hidden within the dense rain-forest of the Nenggiri River Valley, in the remote Kampung Setar. The village surroundings are known to be frequented by elephant herds, sometimes up to 20 at a time. However, sightings have become rare as elephants generally avoid human contact.

You will find at the fenced cemetery, the skeletal remains of a pair of male and female elephants who were estimated to be between the ages of 35 - 40 at their time of death. This rare discovery was made by locals more than two years ago.

Getting here entails a 10-minute boat ride from Kampung Pulau Setelu to Kampung Setar, a 20-minute trek to Gua Pintu, followed by a 15-minute caving adventure along its labyrinthine routes. The cave contains numerous chambers, with the upper most affording breathtaking views the lush and extensive valley below. As you walk, crawl and slide you way through the cave passages, you will encounter a community of bats, swiftlets, insects, and the occasional cave racer, before arriving at the other end of Gua Pintu where the trail to the Elephant Cemetery begins.

You are advised to hire a nature guide for this excursion.
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