The Most Beautifull Perhentian Island

Across the clear blue seas of Terengganu, lies Perhentian Island, a paradise only for you. In natural environs that time almost forgot. By day or night, every moment is a pleasure. Far, far away from the busy city's pre
ssure. Blue skies, white sandy beaches and turquoise sea. It's truly the place where you want to be. Welcome to Perhentian Island.

Island fact and info:

Geografically, the island comprises of Perhentian Besar, Perhentian Kecil and some other small island. Situated 20km off from the coast of Terengganu, Perhentian ( means ' stop over') is one of the greatest and most beautifull island for family vacation in the world. For visitors and travellers, Perhentian island offers various styles of accomodation to suit the budgets and dive packages.

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The best of Perhentian Island:

Marin Park, the healthy coral growth and abundant fish life owe their existence to the enforcement and conservation programs of Department of Fisheries

Find out the objective of marin park conservation

Resort available:

Accommodation is mainly aimed at budget travellers and is available on both the main islands ( Perhentian Besar ) as well as some of the smaller islands ( Perhentian Kecil ) . New resorts with better facilities are currently being constructed. I have listed a few chalet and resort with the packages available.

Diving and snorkelling:

Perhentian is one of the best diving spots in Malaysia, and is also excellent for snorkelling and jungle trekking. Its laid-back atmosphere makes it the perfect getaway. You can found the best snorkelling and diving spot by clicking here

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