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Tok Selohor Mosque

"In the district of Tumpat, the Selehor Village is famous as a Pondok Settlement where people come from other part of the state stay at cottage (Pondok) whilst seeking Islamic knowledge from famous gurus."

In the district of Tumpat, the Kampung Selehor (Selehor Village) is famous as a pondok (simple wooden houses) settlement which houses people who come from other neighbouring states to seek knowledge and immerse themselves in Islamic studies from respected Muslim scholars.

The idea of a pondok settlement was enthused by the Muslim scholar, Tok Guru Syeikh Abdul Rahman bin Othman (or popularly known as Tok Selehor) at the end of the 19th century. He built a small madrasah (centre of religious studies) to conduct his teachings. A pious man, Tok Selehor was fearful of becoming arrogant and egotistical as his name became more and more well known. To avoid these traits, he dug a special hole in the graveyard of Kampung Selehor, near the madrasah to constantly remind him of death and man's immortality. This hole still exists until today.

Today, that small madrasah has been upgraded into a mosque and now bears the name of this respected scholar - Tok Selehor Mosque.

Tok Selehor Mosque is located in the Tumpat district, to the west of Kota Bharu. For more information, please contact the Kota Bharu Tourist Information Centre at 609-7485534.

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How to get there?

By Plane
From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Airlines (tel. 1 300 88 3000) flies twice daily. You'll land at Kota Bharu's Sultan Ismail Petra Airport (Tel. 609-7737000), about 20 minutes outside the city. From there, you can catch a taxi to Selehor Village in Tumpat.
By Rail
Express trains depart daily to Kelantan and other major towns up north. Two train stations serve Kota Bharu town. Disembark at the Wakaf Bharu Station which is closest to Kota Bharu town. From there, you can catch a taxi ride to Selehor Village in Tumpat. For further details please visit

By RoadTake the inland route to Kota Bharu which turns off the Karak Highway at Bentong and continue northwards past Raub and Gua Musang before reaching Kota Bharu. But as you reach a four way junction just before Kota Bharu town, be sure you get onto the road that leads to Tumpat, crossing the Kelantan River.

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