Kelantan Festivals

Chinese New Year Chinese New Year (January/February) This is a joyous time when friends and relatives give each other "angpows" - red packets with a gift of cash as a token of prosperity and celebrate with feasts and lion dances to ward off evil spirits and usher in the lunar new year. Family reunion dinners are a must among Chinese on the eve of the new year.

Two day games festival in Padang Perdana, Kota Bharu starting on the (1st April) is where the visitor can participate in age-old Kelantanese pastimes. Have a little fun at unusual games with amusing names like "elephant slippers", where participants are divided into teams and each team is required to walk in one giant slipper to the finish-line; sand canoe (canoeing on the sand); tug-of-war; chopping wood; and more, in this two-day games festival. This is an opportunity to experience and enjoy traditional Malay games.

Kelantan Flora Festival Kelantan Flora Festival (April 2-10) This ten-day fest introduces the colourful flora of Kelantan. A parade of floral floats can be viewed in conjunction with the event and visitors can enjoy cultural performances and games.

Kelantan International Go-Kart CompetitionKelantan International Go-Kart Competition (April) An amateur go-kart challenge held in conjunction with the birthday celebrations of the Sultan of Kelantan.

Kite Festival (May) This spectacular festival is usually held in May and is a photographers delight.

Drum FestivalDrum Festival (July) A fun event on the local festival calendar.

National Day (31 August) The country celebrates it's independence on 31 August with parades and shows. Towns and cities throughout Malaysia will be gaily decorated and adorned with lights for the grand occasion.

Singing BirdBird Singing Competition (August) Here the visitor can enjoy viewing as well as listen to some of Malaysia's spectacular songbirds. Held in Kota Bharu it is a popular festival with the local Malay populace.

Malaysia Fest (September) For two weeks, all the major hotels and shopping complexes join forces to feature the culture, cuisine and handicrafts of the various states in Malaysia.

Top Spinning FestivalTop Spinning Festival (September) A child's delight for Westeners, this is a popular sport in Malaysia for young and old alike.

DeepavaliDeepavali (October/November) The "Festival of Lights" is a celebration which marks the triumph of good over evil. During this festival, Hindu homes are emblazoned with lights to symbolize this triumph.

ChristmasChristmas (25 December) Celebrated by Christians similar to any other part of the world. Midnight services are held at churches on Christmas eve. Shopping centres, hotels, old folks homes and children's homes echo with beautiful carols. The revelry and yuletide spirit of Christmas is enjoyed by Christians and non-Christians alike.

Hari Raya Aidil Fitri is celebrated by Muslims after the month-long Ramadan (fasting month). Muslims usher in the new year with prayers in the mosques followed by receiving well-wishers in their homes.

Public Holidays
Jan 01 - New Year's Day
Hari Raya PuasaJan 08 & 09 - Hari Raya Puasa
Feb 05 & 06 - Chinese New Year
Feb 01 - Federal Territory Day (Kuala Lumpur and Labuan only)
Mar 16 - Hari Raya Haji
Apr 06 - Awal Muharram
May 01 - Workers' Day
May 18 - Wesak Day
Jun 03 - Birthday of Sri Paduka Baginda Yang di Pertuan Agong
Jul 15 - Birthday of Prophet Muhammad SAW
National DayAug 31 - National Day
Oct 28 - Deepavali (except in Sarawak and Labuan)
Dec 25 - Christmas
Dec 27 & 28 - Hari Raya Puasa

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