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With something to suit all tastes, Kelantan's many offerings range from simple river cruises, rafting and bird watching to jungle trekking. Beginning at Kuala Krai, the River Cruise winds its way upriver to the town of Dabong. Passing through ancient tropical forests and a number of riverine communities, you may catch a glimpse of the shy jungle wildlife. Kingfishers, eagles and hornbills are readily seen along with various species of monkeys.

From Dabong, you may return to Kota Bharu by train or, head to Jelawang for jungle trekking. Chalets are available and various jungle trails have been laid. A 1 1/2 hour trek will take you to the spectacular Jelawang Waterfalls. Gua Musang is another alternative which can also be reached by train. Well known for its limestone caves, cave temple and the Lata Beringin waterfalls, Gua Musang is only a 2-hour drive from Taman Negara (the National Park).

The Kedasar Inn, located at Gua Musang old town can arrange visits to goldmine, a deer park, an ethno-botanical garden and aboriginal settlements as well as organising river rafting and cave explorations. A summer camp, complete with various obstacle and fitness courses, provides leadership and youth training programmes.

Kuala Koh, two hours hour drive from Gua Musang is the northern entrance to Taman Negara and serves as the Park Headquarters in Kelantan. Chalets are available at Kuala Koh, and a small restaurant serves basic fare. Arrangements for guides, however, should be made through an accredited tour operator in Gua Musang, where transport can also be arranged to Kuala Koh, if required.

For bird watching enthuasists, it is possible to see quite a variety of birds in a couple of days and for anglers, the pristine rivers offer some excellent sportfishing. The whole area offers superb opportunities for photographers, the diverse flora and fauna in the emerald forest providing perfect settings, colours and contrasts.

The are many river-based activities around Kuala Koh. Kayaks, bamboo rafts and inflatables can be hired. However, anyone planning any serious river activities should check with the Wildlife and National Parks Department at Kuala Koh on river conditions before setting off.

There are, many jungle trails of varying distances and degrees of difficulty within the vicinity. And for those who wish to view life at the top of the jungle, a canopy walkway has recently been completed adjacent to Kuala Koh.

Waterfalls in Kelantan are major attractions for picnics and swimming. Jeram Pasu is just off the Kota Bharu - Pasir Puteh road while Jeram Linang is off the Pasir Puteh - Machang road. Lata Beringin, with its 120 - metre drop, cool waters and lush vegetation is most spectacular and is found off the Kuala Krai - Gua Musang Highway.

Gunung Stong
One of Kelantan's highest mountains, at 1,442 metres, it is reputed to hold hidden treasure in Gua Ikan (Fish Cave), named after a solitary fish-shaped rock. The treasure is said to be hidden during the Japanese Occupation.

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