Sport's Acivities

DivingDiving The tropical waters off both Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo offer some of the world's best scuba diving. This is a place endowed with some of the sport's best possibilities: you can dive with whale sharks, hover around immense coral gardens and walls, or dive on ominous and hulking WWII shipwrecks. In many places, you can get 100 + feet of visibility. Also, the country has become increasingly aware of the biological and economic importance of its marine heritage, and each year brings better access to and protection for the unique marine life. Because of the hundreds of islands, there are many dive options. Visit the dive pages to learn more about Malaysia's diving options.Golf

Golf is a popular sport almost everywhere in the world and no less so in Malaysia. Kelantan has a number of internationally acclaimed courses and their facilities are of an excellent standard. In Kelantan some of the more popular

SilatSilat is at once a fascinating, weaponless Malay art of self defense and also a dance form that has existed in the Malay Archipelago for hundreds of years. Like the best martial arts, silat is often more about the spirit than the body. The silat practitioner also develops spiritual strength, according to the tenets of Islam. Why not join in and learn something about this fascinating art form?Spelunking

Spelunking Nature has been almost as generous to Malaysia regarding its caves as it has with the rain forest. In fact, almost every national park in Malaysia has a significant limestone cave system, and many of them offer guided tours, with varying levels of penetration.

Jungle walking (Trekking) Jungle walking (Trekking) This is usually high on the list for anyone planning a trip to Malaysia. The Malaysian rain forests are unique in the world and the oldest on the planet. A trip to one of the national parks where you can take guided jungle treks both day and night can be a profound experience. Discover the world's largest flower, fantastically adapted insects and mammals and trees that will make you gawk at their size.

River CruisingRiver Cruising anyone interested in eco-tourism or just generally being out on the water will enjoy taking a cruise up the Kelantan River into the rainforests of Kelantan. To take a cruise, go to Kuala Krai which is about 1.5 hours south of Lota Baru. Once there make your way to the jetty for a two hour cruise ending in Dabong.

White water rafting As with many of Malaysia's river's they simply beg one to get in the water or on it, as the case may be. Depending on the rains this can be an exhilarating experience or a gentle drift down-stream, whichever way you negotiate the rivers, there's plenty to see as you go, as the wildlife along the river banks can be extensive.

Rebana DrumTraditional activities in Kelantan To see a wide range of Kelantanese traditional pastimes, Gelanggang Seni is the right place to visit. Regular performances are held every week, usually in afternoons and evenings. Kelantanese traditional pastimes activities such as bird singing competitions, kite-flying, playing gasing (top spinning), rebana drums, silat – weaponless Malay art of self defence, and wayang kulit or the shadow play can be seen here. Gelanggang Seni is located in Jalan Mahmood and opened from the month of February to October, except in the fasting month

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